UCHM Advanced Diploma in Counselling

A distinctive, integrative Counsellor Training Programme for Christians and all who wish to work with the Spiritual Dimension of Counselling.

A substantial core Counselling Diploma course with supervised placement which may be counted for accreditation purposes

ACC recognised In Practice course, 60 credits at Level 4

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Who the Course is Aimed at: 

Counsellors who have successfully completed a level 2 and level 3 counselling course, or equivalent. Counsellors need to be counselling before or shortly after the start of the course; have a formal
supervision contract  and want to go on to become an accredited counsellor. This course trains and equips counsellors to the standard required for counsellor accreditation, with 60 credits at level four.

Counsellors who already have a degree in a relevant subject but need to add supervised clinical practice and personal development to their training experience.

If your primary area of interest and service is Pastoral Care and you are looking to develop your self, and your skills and training in this area please contact us for further discussion.

Feedback from a past student

"This course has provided me with everything I needed to become a counsellor: encouragement, theory, practice, spiritual and emotional support.  The best thing about studying at UCHM has been feeling a part of a community of Christians where I could be open, honest and vulnerable about myself in a safe environment with genuine friendships.  At the same time it has been exciting to have non-Christians contribute essential training.  I can honestly say I have personally grown more at UCHM than anywhere else in such a seemingly short period of time."

Peter Barraclough, Diploma course student 2009 - 2011 

About the Course:

This In Practice course is part of the Association of Christian Counsellors recognised programme 'The Knowledge, Skills and Attitude Framework for Counselling'. It has 60 credits at level 4 and contains the necessary elements for accreditation. The student centred learning style mirrors the person centred model of counselling that is being taught, along with the developmental theory mirroring the psychodynamic aspects of the model. Training sessions consist of a third group work, a third theoretical didactic teaching and a third counselling skills work.  It is taught over 2 years, with 50 fortnightly sessions, 24 x 2 hours of Personal Development Group sessions and 6 workshops, all day Friday and Saturday.
There are 160 hours of clinical practice; 40 hours of supervision and 40 hours of personal therapy built into the course.

Feedback from a past student

"This was for me an amazing journey where I learned not only about counselling but I learnt a great deal about the ‘real me’, in fact I would go so far as to say UCHM et al, helped me to find the real me.

Towards the end of my time with UCHM, while in ‘Group Supervision’, our supervisor made the point that she loved working with UCHM students because they tended to have a much wider grasp of counselling than they might have from any training establishment she has worked in which she felt was in part down to the UCHM training model and also the ethos in which the training takes place.

Plus it has been great to learn in a centre where God is involved in the process as well. I have taken non-Christians to their training weekends and they felt as welcome there as I always have.

I have undergone training in different centres but UCHM has to be the jewel in the crown."

Michael Nokes, Diploma course student 2009 - 2011 
The training will contain the following:
  • Group work
  • Peer counselling
  • Video and Audio tape presentation
  • Personal development projects
  • Written essay and case study presentations
  • Research Project
  • Group work

    People wanting to attend the Advanced Diploma in Counselling course will need to be actually counselling themselves and be willing to undertake a minimum of 160 hours of one to one supervised counselling practice over the two years and have a working contract with an ACC or BACP recognised supervisor. We will offer a limited number of placements at UCHM, or you may find a placement elsewhere.

    This course follows on from the Intermediate Certificate in Counselling Level Three course.   

    Feedback from a past student

    "This course requires a substantial commitment but if you are willing and called to work with hurting and broken people, which includes every person you meet, then you will find encouragement, challenge, interest, expert teaching and training, support and at the end of it all the equipping and confidence to work well and with integrity in the field of counselling."

    Sara Hailwood, Diploma course student 2009 - 2011 

    If you would like more information about this course, then please contact the centre for an information pack.