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 Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care offers people support, encouragement and care by visiting, listening, praying with them, and reading scripture together

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There are many different ways to administer care, just being there and offering support while a person goes somewhere they don’t like, e.g. the dentists.  If you are interested in pastoral care, please read on to find out how you could take part.


The Pastoral Care programme is used to facilitate pastoral workers in local Churches.  UCHM offer days of growth and development, spiritual or psychological to members of Church congregations.  There are many different subjects in the Pastoral Care training days and these include:
The Prayer Life
The Holy Spirit
The Ministry of Intercession
How to grow in your own personal life of prayer.


UCHM run one conference each Spring and Autumn to help Christians grow and mature in their walk with the Lord.  We would be very happy to run a pastoral care training day in your Church.  For more information, please contact the Centre.


There are also two courses that are run by UCHM to help those interested in Pastoral Care.


Foundation Christian Counselling Course


About the course:
The course is run over four weekends, consisting of Friday evenings and all day Saturday.  The days are split up into three hour sessions, with each weekend consisting of three sessions.


Who the course is aimed at:
This course is aimed mainly for people who have little or no previous experience or training in Christian counselling, who would like to gain some basic knowledge, a better understanding and an increased ability to apply this level of learning.  This course will also help you to determine whether Christian counselling is for you.


The follow up course to this, if you wish to remain in Pastoral Care, is a weekend course, all day Friday and all day Saturday “Egan Short Term counselling skills”  course.  For more information, please contact the centre.


Forming a Healing Team


The teaching consists of 10 evening sessions, with a maximum of 12 people.  The sessions are made up of group/discussion type teaching.  This course is intended as an aid for those churches wishing to introduce the healing ministry to their congregations and for people who are interested in being part of a healing team, but as yet know little or nothing about the subject of healing.


Biblical basis for the teaching.  Healing is only one part of the whole of salvation, and must be kept in balance with the complete Word of God.  Salvation/Healing/Wholeness are words which are interchangeable, and the aim of Christian healing is complete health of body, soul and spirit – not just the removal of symptoms.  We are only imperfect vessels, there is no goodness of power in us, only God can heal the sick – and He does it for HIS GLORY.  God may choose to heal miraculously, or through medicine, doctors, nurses, or death; Jesus healed all who came to HIM.


For more information about any aspect of pastoral care or any of our courses, please contact the centre.