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Children and Young People's Counselling

UCHM  has embarked on an exciting project to help young people, aged 11 to 18 years in Huddersfield to manage their mental and emotional wellbeing through counselling.

Our bespoke service is comprised of a team of qualified, registered and experienced counsellors who work in association with professional and educational leaders at the Ladder Group.

We have created a seamless pathway to support users accessing counselling through our organisation. This begins with our waiting times. We aim to allocate a counsellor within a week of receiving a referral, and the commencement of first sessions within two weeks.

The young people are at the heart of all that we do, and we work in collaboration with other agencies in order to best meet young persons needs.

We have an individual and unique approach to working in our community which is exceptionally distinctive, empathic and person centred. We believe that the right counselling relationship can be the cornerstone to positive changes in young people's lives, and we match counsellors to young people with this in mind.

We have the passion, resources and availability for personalising our service to young people's needs to ensure that we deliver the best service possible.

Statistics show that one in seven 11 to 16 year old children experience mental disorders (NHS data, 2018) and experience extensive waiting lists in our local area (NHS data, 2020). We aim to bridge this gap and ensure that young people receive the support that they need as early as possible for optimal outcomes.